Our goal at Birth Bungalow is to provide a wide range of expert services to support the diverse needs of every mother and mother-to-be. With our professional staff of lactation consultants, doulas, childbirth educators, and other seasoned perinatal professionals, we are here to help ensure your pregnancy, labor and postpartum are as smooth as possible. Please reach out to us with any questions and we can work together to figure out what services are best for you!

We are a complementary service to your care provider and offer additional evidenced based information and support to enhance your overall experience. We do not replace the necessary visits that you should have with your health care providers.

Mommy and Me and Women’s Circle are women-only gatherings. All other events welcome men to participate and are open to partners or a support person. We are here to advocate for you and your needs, so we will involve your partner or support person in classes and services, as you desire, to give you both the best possible experience. When working with a birth doula especially, we take extra care to see how your partner envisions participating and we work to make that happen. We take on very different responsibilities than your partner during birth, so there is room for everyone to be involved in supporting you.

We have a strong interest in making our services available to as many women as possible. Upon your agreement, our billing service will submit bills to your insurance company to try to get the costs of our services covered so that there are minimal out of pocket costs to you.

The cost of some of our classes, lactation consultations, doula services and some products are often 100% covered by your health insurance. The following plans typically provide this coverage:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare

If you are curious about your plan’s coverage, it is best that we consult together to understand your coverage. Often, calling your insurance company directly will not give you accurate benefits information for our types of services.

For doula clients, the sooner in your pregnancy that you book our services, the greater chance that you will have minimal out of pocket costs. Services are billed to your insurance company on a per visit claim (not as a total doula package). Usually, the more visits, the more reimbursed, so the sooner you contract with us, the more financially advantageous. To ensure that you have coverage, we recommend that your first claim is submitted prior to 30 weeks. Please do not wait until the last minute to book us for doula services. Early birds wind up with the most savings!

For more answers about financial and insurance questions, please email (info@birthbungalow.com) or call us (203-529-1533). We are here to help.

For moms without health insurance or incompatible health care coverage seeking any of our services, please inquire about sliding scale options and payment plans by email (info@birthbungalow.com) or phone (203-529-1533). We will figure out an option that is best for you.
Yes, all of our consults and classes are available via Skype . One-on-one sessions take place at our clients’ homes in both L.A. and CT or via Skype. Group classes and support groups take place in our studio in Old Greenwich, CT, and can be broadcasted to remote participants. Class sizes are limited, so even remote participants have a “seat” and may join in discussions. You may take all of your class sessions remotely or in person, or a combination of both.
Every woman going through pregnancy, labor and postpartum will have a different experience from child to child, and there is always more to learn and sometimes even heal from prior birth experiences that did not go as planned. One of our favorite classes is our Childbirth Refresher Class which is available only for families who have already had their first baby.
Our intention has always been to expand our birth support services to actually helping you birth your baby. We hope someday soon to provide midwifery care including waterbirth to low risk mothers wanting an out-of-hospital birth experience. We are currently pitching investors to raise the funds for the center build-out. We appreciate any referrals to assist us with this process.