All prenatal services below are available through insurance. To sign up through insurance, please use the form on the home or contact pages.

PRENATAL Breastfeeding Prep

A must for all first time parents. We will review how to get breastfeeding off to a good start, nutritional targets for mom and baby, options for feeding positions, ways to manage milk supply, medical issues that might affect breastfeeding, how to choose and use a pump, what to expect in preparing to go back to work, and nighttime feeding. 


Preparing for baby is more than attending childbirth class. Find out what to do with baby once he or she is here. Learn the basics of infant sleep, bathing, swaddling, feeding cues, diapering, babywearing, choosing non-toxic products, and infant safety around your home. If you have other children, we can spend time in this session on how to manage siblings.


Develop your ideal hospital or birth center birth plan with the guidance and wisdom of an experienced perinatal specialist. Discussions will include options for medication, choices you have when offered typical hospital and birth center procedures, and choices after birth. All participants will receive a customized birth plan after the class. 

Holistic CHILDBirth

Three non-judgmental, informative classes to help you create the birth you envision. Our evidence-based class focuses on birth as a normal biological process. Feel confident and supported to informed make decisions and optimally navigate pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. Spouses or one support person are welcome and encouraged to attend.

birth refresher FOR BABY #2

A great choice if you want to create a different birth experience this time around. We would love hear your last birth story! This consult will dig into how to manage pregnancy and labor challenges. Think of this visit like a birth doula session prepping you and your support person for what to expect (but without the day-of-birth labor support).

Hypnosis for chilDbirth

Private and personal, this session with an experienced hypotherapist will help you address fears around birth, overcome disappointments with difficult prior births, and shift circumstances that might prevent the birth you want such as placenta previa, pre-eclampsia, breech or other atypical presentations. A customized recording of the session will be sent to you afterwards.

Birth Doula SERVICES

Experience the guidance and partnership of a seasoned doula by your side on your birthing day. Package includes three prenatal visits, the writing of your birth plan, labor support, attendance at your birth, and one postpartum visit. Each of our doulas has different talents and expertise. Please interview them early in your pregnancy to choose the best fit for your family.

Home or Telehealth, package: $1800-3500